Cooper Kaplan

Terms and Conditions

Cooper Kaplan Partners has a policy of writing tailor-made contracts which specifically address the needs of you, the client.

Cooper Kaplan highly values acting on the basis of mutual trust and confidence, and in close professional cooperation with you, the client.

Cooper Kaplan operates a "lean dispute resolution and claims policy". Specifically, in the case of any dispute with or claim against the firm on whatever grounds, the client's entire and exclusive remedy in law and otherwise shall be the termination of his or her contract with the firm by giving one month's notice in writing to the firm.

Earlier termination may be effected only by mutual agreement in writing between the firm and the client. Any obligations due to the firm by the client arising during such period of notice shall remain effective and enforceable in law. This policy supersedes any other rights which the client may have and the client irrevocably waives any such other rights. Conducting any business whatsoever with the firm by a client implies the express acceptance by the client of this dispute resolution and claims policy.

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