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Introducing Cooper Kaplan Partners

photoCooper Kaplan is a specialist business consultancy firm. Our highly experienced dedicated team of partners and consultants is specialised in addressing issues faced by underperforming businesses. We can help to get your business in top shape.

In close cooperation with you, the client

* we drill down to the fundamental issues which hold back your business
* we help you to eliminate bottlenecks and barriers
* we assist in articulating new opportunities and in expanding your business to its full potential

If you are ready for the breakthrough, then make an appointment with us now for a free 40-minute exploratory session.

Cooper Kaplan is a highly effective and efficient networked organisation. The partnership has the flexibility of a lean firm. The breadth and depth of its expertise are on a par with any other well-known consultancy firms. All partners hold a master's degree or higher. They have extensive national and international experience in their respective specialist fields.

Your personal CKP partner can be retained (engaged) in a conventional advisory role. For example:

* the improvement of manufacturing processes or of service delivery
* the improvement of supply chains
* the improvement of products and market development
* the reinforcement of a clear and effective focus
* cost reduction
* addressing competitive threats
* identifying and resolving organisational bottlenecks

However, the advisory role may also be in the form of an open retainer (i.e. not on a defined-project basis). Your CKP partner then is available to you for advise and feedback as and when you feel an independent second opinion is valuable. Please contact us to discuss the modalities of this option for a tailor made arrangement.

Cooper Kaplan Partners has been engaged in diverse project areas such as, amongst others, agribusiness and food, aviation, the bus and coach building industry, electronic goods, fashion accessories, health care, hospitality, international marketing, IT, machine tools, the public sector, across the world.

Cooper Kaplan Partners works to the highest standards of integrity and rate the confidentiality and privacy of its clients amongst its highest concerns.

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