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Frequently Asked Questions

faqs* What is Cooper Kaplan?

Cooper Kaplan is an independent specialist management consultancy firm. It focuses on the private sector as well as on the public sector. The firm helps you, the client to develop effective and efficient business solutions.

* What are Cooper Kaplan's specialist skills?

The firm is resolute in identifying and addressing the real needs of your business. In close cooperation with you, the client your CKP partner decisively drills down to the fundamental issues.

Typical issues might include, for instance matters such as, eliminating bottlenecks and barriers which hold back the performance of your business; enhancing the resilience of your business in the face of competitive and economic pressures; optimising business processes; advancing the performance of leadership and management; improving supply chains; articulating new opportunities to grow and diversify your business; and so on.

* Is Cooper Kaplan wedded to pre-defined consulting strategies and models, such as 6sigma, 7s, TQM, BPR, Matrix Management, and so on?

At all times, Cooper Kaplan takes great care to ensure that any solutions are tailor made to the specific needs and requirements of your business. The overriding objective is always to unlock the full potential of your business. Cooper Kaplan is thoroughly pragmatic, down to earth, and focused on results that suit your business. It is guided by evidence, not by models and jargon.

* How does Cooper Kaplan work?

Cooper Kaplan generally considers the one-off injection of external expertise and experience as less than effective and efficient in the longer run. Therefore Cooper Kaplan works with clients, not for clients. In this way ownership of the external expertise and experience is permanently transferred to the business of you, the client. In its execution of assignments, Cooper Kaplan strives for the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency. In combination, this way of working directly benefits the bottom line of you, the client.

* Does Cooper Kaplan pass on any information about my business to others?

The partnership works to the highest standards of integrity. It rates the confidentiality and privacy of its clients amongst its highest concerns. The firm will never disclose confidential information to any third party except with your permission.

* How can I contact Cooper Kaplan?

Please use the contact form. Cooper Kaplan Partners would be delighted to hear from you how we can assist. If you would like one of our partners to call you directly, please do not forget to fill in your telephone number. We will get in touch with you shortly.

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