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The approach of Cooper Kaplan Partners:  A Unique Business Model

unique business modelThe key strength of Cooper Kaplan lies in its unique business model:  its approach to performing as a consultancy business. This sets it apart from other strategy, management and operations consultancy firms.

The following paragraphs highlight some of the key features of the unique Cooper Kaplan business model.

Cooper Kaplan does not work for clients, it works with clients. Effective partnership with you, the client ensures your ownership of, and commitment to, the results.

Cooper Kaplan does not prescribe, nor does it employ pre-defined standard approaches, answers and solutions. Cooper Kaplan solutions are tailor made to the specific individual conditions, needs and requirements of your business.

Cooper Kaplan is practical and direct in its approach. It cuts through superficial and peripheral issues. It goes straight to the heart of matters. It conveys the message as it is. And it does so in plain language without circumlocution. And without the need for any pompous business jargon.

Cooper Kaplan can boast ― and relishes ― extensive global and cross-cultural experience, essential for success in both national and international business. Cultures ― both business cultures and cultures more generally ― are delicate, pervasive and persistent. The firm takes the considered view that a thorough understanding of the subtleties of local culture is, in fact, critical to business success both within the UK and worldwide.

Cooper Kaplan is efficient. And it aims for maximum operational simplicity and effectiveness. Cooper Kaplan is a lean firm, with short lines of communication. It keeps its overheads to an absolute minimum ― ultimately to the direct benefit of you, the client.

Cooper Kaplan knows its boundaries. The firm works closely with other carefully selected top quality professional firms as its business partners in fields such as finance, accounting and the law. This guarantees that Cooper Kaplan can always offer you, the client comprehensive solutions that truly address your real needs.

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